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Video Smoothing with ActionScript 3

Flash Video Actionscript 3

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Video Smoothing

Smoothing specifies whether the video should be smoothed (interpolated) when it is scaled. For smoothing to work, the player must be in high-quality mode. The default value is false (no smoothing).

When you use the Flash Only Full Screen and high quality publish setting with a low resolution video, the smoothing comes in handy.

video Settings

If you want to allow any zoom effects on the video, allow the user to resize it, or maybe create a low-res version for use on the web, you’ll need to enable smoothing on the video.

The NetStream Class

var video:Video = new Video();
var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns:NetStream;
//Call the function below
//This function adds the video elements
function startVideo(){
//Add the video to the stage
//connect the netStream/netConnection with the video
ns = new NetStream(nc);
ns.client = {onMetaData:ns_onMetaData, NetStatusEvent:ns_onPlayStatus};
//Start with video being smoothed
video.smoothing = true;
function ns_onMetaData(_data:Object){
//put stuff here if you want.
function ns_onPlayStatus(e:NetStatusEvent){
//put other stuff here if you want.
//See the difference between video being smoothed and not smoothed by
//pressing "s"
stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, checkKey);
function checkKey(e:KeyboardEvent):void{
if (e.keyCode == 83){
video.smoothing = !video.smoothing

The FLVPlayback class

Use the FLVPlayback component and set its parameters in the properties Inspector, then add the code:

function smoothVideo(){
var myVideo = FLVPlayback_Instance.getVideoPlayer(0);
myVideo.smoothing = true;

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