Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adobe AIR Launchpad 2.0 with Mobile Support

AIR Flash Builder Flash Video
Version 2.0 of Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta

Version 2.0 of Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta is now available and supports the creation of AIR Mobile projects as well as some other important updates (start a new project or switch back and forth between mobile or desktop AIR projects without restarting the app)!

Version 2.0 allows you to create mobile projects based on the AIR for Android APIs and the Flex Hero SDK's. You can now choose Desktop or Mobile for your application and have a zip file and directory folder containing all of your options with samples that can be imported into Flash Builder. The Desktop option targets the Flash Builder 4 IDE and the Mobile option targetes the Flash Builder Burrito IDE which is still in development.

  1. Download Adobe AIR Launchpad 2.0
  2. Install Adobe AIR Launchpad.
  3. Run Adobe AIR Launchpad and select the capabilities your application needs from the dialog boxes. Launchpad will generate the Flex or Burrito project.
  4. Import the resulting project and build your application.
  5. Ask questions or share your feedback in the Adobe AIR Launchpad forum

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