Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Copy to Clipboard Using ActionScript 3

Flex Builder 4 Flash Video


Replaces the contents of the Clipboard with a specified text string. This method works from any security context when called as a result of a user event (such as a keyboard or input device event handler). This method is provided for SWF content running in Flash Player 9. It allows only adding String content to the Clipboard.. Three-dimensional display objects follow the pointer and Sprite.startDrag() moves the object within the three-dimensional plane defined by the display object. Or, if the display object is a two-dimensional object and the child of a three-dimensional object, the two-dimensional object moves within the three dimensional plane defined by the three-dimensional parent object.

flash.desktop Clipboard

The Clipboard class provides a container for transferring data and objects through the clipboard. The operating system clipboard can be accessed through the static generalClipboard property.

A Clipboard object can contain the same information in more than one format. By supplying information in multiple formats, you increase the chances that another application will be able to use that information. Add data to a Clipboard object with the setData() or setDataHandler() method.

ActionScript 3.0 Reference

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