Monday, October 11, 2010

Capture And Save An Image with A Webcam

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Webcams can serve as a camera that you can use with ActionScript. The Camera class is built into ActionScript allowing you to build applications that include webcams. Setting up a webcam in Flash is easy. You can use the webcam in a project to streaming video for video chat (with a media server account),or use as a tool to take a photo for members of your site.

Record and Save The Image

  1. Get and install the ActionScript Core Library
  2. Import the JGPEncoder
  3. Create 2 MC and name capture_mc and save_mc
  4. After entering the code change the X & Y values to place the 2 cameras where you want.
  5. Use the method and pass in the ByteArray and the file name.
  6. Test the movie and activate the camera.

The Code

import flash.display.Bitmap;
import flash.display.BitmapData;
import com.adobe.images.JPGEncoder;

//Set the quality of the bitmap
var quality:int = 90;
var bandwidth:int = 0;
var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera();

//camOn will be used later to turn off the webcam
var camOn:Boolean = false;

cam.setQuality(bandwidth, quality);
var video:Video = new Video(241,185);
video.x = 30;
video.y = 50;

var bitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(video.width,video.height);

var bitmap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(bitmapData);
bitmap.x = 285;
bitmap.y = 50;

//Button functions
capture_mc.buttonMode = true;

save_mc.buttonMode = true;

function captureImage(e:MouseEvent):void {

var i:Number=1;
var fileRef:FileReference = new FileReference();

function saveImage(e:MouseEvent):void{
var encoder:JPGEncoder = new JPGEncoder();
var ba:ByteArray = encoder.encode(bitmapData);,"capture"+i+".jpg");

//Turn the camera on and off
stop_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, movieStop);

function movieStop(e:Event) {
if (camOn){
} else {

camOn = !camOn;



ActionScript 3.0 Reference

Camera — final class, package
Use the Camera class to capture video from the client system's camera.

— Constant Static Property, class flash.system.SecurityPanelWhen passed to Security.showSettings(), displays the Camera panel in Flash Player Settings.

CameraRoll — class, package flash.mediaThe CameraRoll class allows you to save image data to a system's "camera roll." AIR profile support: This feature is supported on mobile devices, but it is not supported on desktop operating systems.


  1. Hi, this tut is great, thanks!

    Have you thought of storing it locally using PHP and maybe capture a movie ?

    That would we awesome!


  2. i have downloaded the action script 3 core library..but can u tell me where shud i save this library to?
    coz am getting error 5001 = that name ofpackage 'com.adobe.images' doesn't reflect the location of file
    Thank you


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