Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drag and Drop with ActionScript 3

Flex Builder 4 Flash Video Mouse Events

Drag and drop code

reset.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, comeHome);

function comeHome(e:Event) {
mc.x = 115;
mc.y = 70;

function initDragger(mc:MovieClip):void
mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownDragger);
mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, mouseUpDragger);

function mouseDownDragger(e:MouseEvent):void
function mouseUpDragger(e:MouseEvent):void

// Set up drag


Lets the user drag the specified sprite. The sprite remains draggable until explicitly stopped through a call to the Sprite.stopDrag() method, or until another sprite is made draggable. Only one sprite is draggable at a time. Three-dimensional display objects follow the pointer and Sprite.startDrag() moves the object within the three-dimensional plane defined by the display object. Or, if the display object is a two-dimensional object and the child of a three-dimensional object, the two-dimensional object moves within the three dimensional plane defined by the three-dimensional parent object.


lockCenter:Boolean (default = false) — Specifies whether the draggable sprite is locked to the center of the pointer position (true), or locked to the point where the user first clicked the sprite (false).

bounds:Rectangle(default = null) — Value relative to the coordinates of the Sprite's parent that specify a constraint rectangle for the Sprite.


Ends the startDrag() method. A sprite that was made draggable with the startDrag() method remains draggable until a stopDrag() method is added, or until another sprite becomes draggable. Only one sprite is draggable at a time.

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