Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Flex Components

Flex Builder 4

1. FlexLib

- Open Source Flex Component Library

The FlexLib project is a community effort to create open source user interface components for Adobe Flex 2, 3 and 4.

Current components: AdvancedForm, Base64Image, EnhancedButtonSkin, CanvasButton, ConvertibleTreeList, Draggable Slider, Fire, Highlighter, HorizontalAxisDataSelector IconLoader, ImageMap, PromptingTextArea, PromptingTextInput, Scrollable Menu Controls, SuperTabNavigator, Alternative Scrolling Canvases, Horizontal Accordion, TreeGrid, FlowBox, Docking ToolBar, Flex Scheduling Framework

2. reusable-fx

The reusable-fx is a library of reusable flex components.

* ChartScroller adds scrolling and zooming functionality to CartesianChart
* DataGrid2CSV enables export of data displayed in DataGrid to CSV format
* MDataGrid is an extendible DataGrid with client-side filtering and searching
* SlideDown, SlideLeft, SlideRight and SlideUp defines slide effects

3. The ActionScript Data Provider Controls library (ASDPC)

Provides a set of standard user interface components written in ActionScript.

  • Easy and extensive customization (functionality, appearance)
  • Platform, framework and project neutrality (out of the box usage)
  • Generic data intergration (data provider interface architecture)
  • High-performance
  • Unit tested and well documented
  • Open-source licence MIT

ADOBE Resources

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tour de Mobile Flex

Flex Builder 4

Tour de Mobile Flex is an Android application for exploring the new Flex mobile capabilities. You can start building Flex applications for mobile devices with the Flex Hero prerelease.

Download the Tour de Mobile Flex Flash Builder Project (FXP) or get the code from github.


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