Sunday, October 17, 2010

Printing With ActionScript 3

Flex Builder 4 Flash Video Printing

Actions Panel Version

This article teaches you how to add a print option to a portion of your swf file.

  • Create the text or image that you want to print
  • All or each of the pritable content must be inside Movie Clip.
  • Create a print button.
  • Add a Click event listener to the button that will be handled by the printCode function.
  • Create a new PrintJob instance.
  • If needed we resize the content to fit within the page dimensions.
  • Add the content as a page to the print job and send it to the printer.


The PrintJob Class

The PrintJob class lets you create content and print it to one or more pages. This class lets you render content that is visible, dynamic or off-screen to the user, prompt users with a single Print dialog box, and print an unscaled document with proportions that map to the proportions of the content. This capability is especially useful for rendering and printing dynamic content, such as database content and dynamic text.

ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference
for the PrintJob properties, methods and events

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