Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adobe AIR Launchpad Walkthrough

AIR Flash Builder Flash Video

The Adobe AIR Launchpad is an incredibly easy application to use, and is a superb tool for learning AIR and FLEX actionscript code. It allows you select on a step-by-step basis which sections of an application you would like to include in a ready-made project code base for you.

AIR Launchpad
  1. Download Adobe AIR Launchpad
  2. Install Adobe AIR Launchpad.
  3. Run Adobe AIR Launchpad and select the capabilities your application needs from the dialog boxes. Launchpad will generate the Flex project.
  4. Import the resulting project into Flash Builder 4 and build your application.
  5. Ask questions or share your feedback in the Adobe AIR Launchpad forum

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