Monday, September 27, 2010

Papervision3D & Swift 3D Resources and Tutorials

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Papervision3D (PV3D) is a popular open source 3D engine for Flash. You can create advanced three-dimensional objects displayed real time right in the web browser by using of it. It will bring an impressive visual experience and user interaction to the web visitors.

Papervision3D downloads:

Papervision 3D Flash programming tutorials

A series of articles that show you how to use the Papervision 3D engine to create Flash 3D effects in your web pages from


Papervision3D v2.0 Support
  Papervision3D v2.0 and Collada .DAE Format Support
Is Papervision3D too complex for you? Let Swift 3D MAX do the work for you by creating the PV3D project for you. Swift 3D MAX exports directly from 3ds Max to the latest Papervision3D v2.0 spec and Collada .DAE format, while automatically creating the full Papervision project for you in one simple export. Just compile the resulting FLA in Flash and you're ready to publish your real-time interactive 3D model, textures and all, to the web.

Flash 3D Engine Tutorial : Papervision3D and Swift 3D Mouse Interaction

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