Thursday, September 23, 2010

Desktop Youtube AIR App

Adobe AIR Flash Video
youtube for air

Offer an exciting new way for customers and users to watch your videos with an innovative, branded desktop application. Companies like eBay, AOL and NASDAQ are already using Adobe AIR to deliver engaging RIAs to their users’ desktops.

5 minutes to get ready:
You’ll need just 5 minutes to customize the application for your site/videos and start distributing it to your audience. The package includes full documented guide and PSDs files with individual layers for each component.

Very easy customization! Even if you have no previous experience with Flex! Complete step by step guide inside.
If you think that you can’t use this file because you don’t have any Flex experience, relax. In the customizing process you’ll basically need to open the source, edit the youtube user or playlist and blog/site URL and give a name to your App. Just it! Really easy and in package you’ll find a complete guide to do that.

Why you will love it:
  • An innovative way to approach your user;
  • Run on all major desktop operating systems;
  • Full documented file, with step by step guide for importing, customize and export your App;
  • Complete PSD with entire Application layout;
  • Ready-to-customize individual layers for each component separately;
  • Easy to set and start using;
  • Minimize to the tray option;
  • Add unlimitted number of videos;
  • Fullscreen option for videos;
  • Play videos from your youtube user or from any playlist;
  • Unique. Anyone of your competitors have this.
XML Driven!
Update your information in a XML and all your user will get thw news. Update, add and remove your youtube videos and all your user will be updated too!


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