Monday, September 27, 2010

FlashMoto The Flash WYSIWYG Website Editor

Flash Video
FlashMoto Flash content management system is a powerful and easy to use application designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. It allows content creators to submit content without requiring any software, technical knowledge of HTML, Flash and other programming languages.
With our Flash CMS it became possible to manage almost any Flash website without any restrictions in design, graphic effects and animation.


  1. Tools Panel
    With the help of a quite usable tools panel you can easily add texts, shapes, wigets and plugins to the site’s page. Embedding pictures and videos won’t take much time as well.
  2. Main Section
    Here the page you’re editing is displayed. It’s reflected in exactly same way it looks on the website, so you can see the results of your actions right away without switching to another window. Use «drag and drop» tool to move and unfold any item you need.
  3. Properties Panel
    Use this panel to edit properties of the displayed objects. To make editing more convenient, panel includes special settings for each type of the object. In-built text editor, shapes editor and viget editor will be activated every time you edit a corresponding object.
  4. FlashMoto CMS Demo

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