Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mobile Development with ELIPS Studio Flex Builder plug-in

Flex Builder 4 Flash Mobile Development
Mobile Application Development in Flex Builder!
ELIPS Studio is a plug-in for Adobe Flex Builder, a widely used IDE for internet & desktop application. Our plug-in allows Flex to go mobile!

Use services from our Mobile Flex Framework
The product offers a mobile-optimized Flex Framework, plus numerous Flex extensions, including mobile UI components & access to mobile device features (voice call, SMS, access to calendar and contacts, to the camera, etc.)

Build for the Mobile Platform you want
ELIPS Studio is based on a native runtime. It will automatically generate, optimize and package your Flex applications as native code for industry-leading platforms, including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, etc. One code base for all platforms... and unforeseen performances!

Download the free version

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