Saturday, September 25, 2010

FlashEff 2.0

Flash Components
flash eff

Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve a certain type of effects by tweaking its advanced settings.

Most patterns are so complex that you won't even assume that their various resulted effects should be part of the same family.

With FlashEff2 you also get over 3000 preset effects, so you don't have to deal with pattern settings all the time.

Flex version

Flex version

FlashEff 2.0 Flex
Unlimited commercial license (for Flex Builder 3 and Flex/Flash Builder 4)

FlashEff2 Panel

FlashEff 2.0 Online panel

Take a quick online tour of FlashEff2 Panel.
Browse patterns and over 3000 effects to see exactly how the user experience got improved. Start the online test drive

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