Saturday, September 25, 2010

FlashDevelop, A Free and Open Source Code Editor

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FlashDevelop is open source

FlashDevelop is a great general purpose code editor

  • Easy to use editor with syntax highlighting, bookmarks and tasks (TODO) handling.
  • Comprehensive Find and Replace Dialog.
  • Find in Files dialog.
  • Intuitive and very flexible panel based interface.
  • Advanced snippet completion (code templates) and integrated snippet editor.
  • Open plug-in based architecture.

FlashDevelop offers advanced ActionScript coding support

  • Supports three languages: ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 & MXML and HaXe.
  • Brilliant Actionscript Code Completion (IntelliSense) and code generators.
  • Code completion for XML, MXML and HTML
  • Code navigation (jump to declaration), just pressing F4/Shift-F4.
  • Easy integration with Flash and command line compilers, just using Ctrl+Enter to compile.
  • Integrated Project Manager to handle all the project assets, properties and files.
  • Smart project templates to quickly get started.
  • Instant swf building with MTASC or MXMLC using custom comment tag @mtasc/@mxmlc.
  • Easy to use Context API search.
  • Customized GUI for AS2API & ASDocs documentation generators.

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