Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Adobe Flash Media Development Server For Free

Flex Builder 4 Flash Video

Flash Media Server 4Adobe Flash Media Server is software that focuses on being a streaming server and data to the Flash Platform helps by providing a better and richer experience for the user. Adobe today announced a new family Flash Media Server 4, with innovations such as Dynamic IP multicast, HTTP Streaming and of course, RTMFP(Real Time Media Flow Protocol)

Adobe Flash Media Server 4 Family

Adobe Flash Media Server 4 Family

The family Flash Media Server 4 now includes the following members:

Adobe Flash Media Development Server software contains all the features in Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server 4 software, but with a limit of 10 simultaneous RTMP connections and 50 simultaneous RTMFP connections, and time limits for IP multicast and live HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

Flash Media Server Developer Center

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